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Trumann Public Library and Museum
1200 W Main St
Lending library
Computer access
City museum
Phone: (870) 483 7744

The Trumann Public Library and Museum has 8,000 patrons with cards and 2,000 people who come to the library to use the computers. The library has high-speed internet, wi-fi, and a web filter. The average number of books checked out per year is 7,000.
People come to the library to fax, print materials, and use the wi-fi as well as the computers. The shelving in the library holds 12,000 books; in addition, there are magazines and newspapers.

In addition to the library, the building houses a museum that features items from the agricultural history and the Poinsett Lumber and Manufacturing/Singer Cabinet Company era. The museum, founded by Juanita Talbot, Patsy Johnson Lindsey, and Carlene Wilson, is dedicated to Trumann history. Former residents and travelers often stop to visit the library/museum.

Trumann Library Commission: Betty Payne Howard Williams, Elizabeth Vredingburgh, Rhew Bales, Deloris Tolbert, and Joann Rutherford.