Trumann is a progressive community with a population of approximately 7,399 residents located on I-555 within 10 miles of a major metropolitan trade city—Jonesboro.

City government is a mayor/city council form of government with the mayor acting as chief operations officer for city operations.

Total 2024 budget appropriations:  $6,416,141.00

Total number of city employees: 72

City services:

  1. Police: 24-hour police protection
  2. Fire: 24 hour fire protection
  3. Water: quality water provided from 2 wells and 3 above ground storage tanks
  4. Sewer: modern sewage treatment facilities;
  5. Sanitation and mosquito spraying; residential
  6. Streets/Parks: maintenance of all city streets and parks within the Trumann city limits
  7. Sports & Recreation: a sports complex with baseball/softball fields; a splash pad; parks with playground equipment; a walking track; a recreation facility; picnic tables; a disc golf course.
  8. Shuttle Bus Services to start 2024.

Trumann currently has multi-million dollar capital projects in progress.

Trumann has 2 new school facilities built within the last few years.  The oldest campus has been renovated, and a new football stadium has been completed.  Students K-12 are issued personal computers for use on school work.

Trumann also has an adult education facility that is served by ASU-Newport and East Arkansas Community College.

Trumann is currently home to 6 manufacturing businesses, 3 warehousing businesses, 1 distribution business, and 2 agri/chemical businesses, a metal roofing business, and numerous service and retail businesses.

The Saint Francis River and Lake is easily accessible from Trumann for hunting, fishing, and kayaking.

Trumann Lions Club, part of an international organization providing services for vision and hearing problems, has been meeting in the historic community house since 1930.  Trumann Area Fine arts promotes arts of all kinds in the city.  And Trumann Chamber of Commerce partners with the city on many projects to enhance our businesses and community.

The City of Trumann is dedicated to improving the quality of life for its residents.